Placement test


For a more comprehensive assessment of your abilities, we will need to carry out a placement test at the school. The student will then be assigned to a class that reflects his or her level. This ensures that our classes are linguistically very homogenous.




Here you have the possibility of finding out your level you wish to learn German free of charge and in the matter of minutes. You will receive your result straight away, according to the placement-test system of the Common European Framework of Reference, which you can download at the bottom of this page. Do not forget that an online test cannot check all aspects of competency in a language. For this reason, we recommend you to carry out a personal placement test in our centre.


And now, have fun with the test!

Test your German: A1 – B1

The following tests are related to the classroom material "Netzwerk" by Klett Verlag, which we are using on the levels A1 to B1.

Please click on the appropriate placement test at your assumed level.

You are a  beginner (i.e. you have very little knowledge of German)?

Please use the link to the placement test A1:

You have learnt a little already, you have finished the A1 level in your home country or at a language school, or you have received a telc A1 certificate?

Then  go to the link to the placement test A2:


You are confident that you have already reached the level A2?*

Well, then try the next test right away, and go to the link
to the placement test B1: 


Test your German: B2 and C1

These two tests are based on the classrooom material "Aspekte neu" by Klett Verlag at upper

intermediate and advanced levels.

You have done courses ending with B1 or have learnt so much that you can already "get around" in Germany, with mistakes here and there?

Go to the B2 test here:

You have done a B2 class successfully or even already acquired the B2 certificate, or you feel pretty confident in speaking, reading, writing and listening in German, but need some 'fine tuning' to take you to the C1 level?

Try this test:

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